Материалы: бумага, деревянная панель
33,5 см x 21,5 см
Category: collage
Item Number: 001801
15 000 / 182 €
About the Artist

The artist from Moscow region town Beloozersky, both with Peter Gerasimenko aka Petro, the participant of Aesthetics group duet. The Duet and it`s participants have crossed the path from classic graffiti to non-object abstraction conceptually and esthetically.

Aesthetics group`s creation transformation and it`s conversion from subculture to culture passed through the rethinking of the font composition and gradual letters` form transformation into geometric forms and figures – so finally they refused to work with fonts.

Now Ilia Slak continues to develop his touch of non-objective art and tries to rethink his long-term street art experience. The influence of Russian avant-garde heritage can be seen in his recognizable style.