Between the walls

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Materials: photo printing from negative, mat, eyelets, wooden frame
40 см x 30 см
Category: collage
Item Number: 002025
28 000 / 334 €
About the Work
About the Artist

Серия плёночных фотографий, созданные посредством мультиэкспозиции. Фотографии зданий Москвы дополнены люверсами, оформлены в паспарту и деревянную раму.

He is an artist, street art curator and researcher, co-founder of “Partisaning” crew. Living and working in Moscow, Igor is the author of “Art and the city” and “Russian Urban Art: History and Conflicts” books. He is Sergey Kuryokhin Award laureate and Kandinsky Award nominee, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Berlin, Kazan and Bishkek exhibition and festival projects curator also.

Igor is seeking for the diversity of touches and methods in his artistic practice, and his street works are usually created with concrete context and comprehending it critically. The artist uses performative and action practices many times, and it can be seen through the Partisaning city interventions of the 2012-13th and other later works also.

Working in different mediums and genres, Igor notes the influence of situationism, dada and Moscow actionism on his creative method.

Meanwhile, the inspiration of those collective practices often pushes Igor to cooperation with other artists, e.g. cooperation with American artist Brad Downey has begun even in 2013 and is still in progress. A lot of artworks, comprehending city and political contexts of Russia and USA, were created within that longtime cooperative work.