Artwork from the series "hhtp/ 291.019.69"

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была создана в рамках основного проекта III Биеннале искусства уличной волны «АРТМОССФЕРА» (2018)
Материалы: картон, аэрозольная краска
100 см x 100 см
Category: collage
Item Number: 001833
60 000 / 691 €
About the Artist

Artist and graffiti-writer from Simferopol, who lives and works in Moscow. He determines his style as urban glitch. His interest to typography and digital images, as well as his wish to emphasize, but not to hide, the features of the wall, its defect or texture, is reflected in Issue`s style.

Moreover, his style is a combination of strict geometric forms and casual flats and lines, so typical for the street art aesthetics. His abstract stories turn out to be the background for the font, which is very often a separate element of a composition.

Nazar uses spray and emulsion paint in the streets, but for collages and huge studio artworks he uses acryl, flat textured paper, plexiglas and plastic, creates assemblages with plywood and metal.