Rinnovata vita negli scavi

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Материалы: Коллаж на холсте
60 sm x 80 sm
Category: collage
Item Number: 002352
340 000 / 4 000 €
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About the Artist

Artist. Born in Atena Lucana (Italy) on 08/26/1958.

Educated at the Neapolitan Academy of Fine Arts (L'Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli). He teaches art and advertising graphics at the Sabatini / Menna Art School in Salerno (Liceo Artistico Sabatini-Menna). Works in techniques: collage, making art objects, mixed media. Lives in Mercato

"Growing up, we lose a lot that was given to us at birth, we ourselves drive ourselves into the framework of forms, rules and taboos. This, of course, limits the creative component, hinders development and experimentation. I would advise every novice artist to observe children more, to play them, because children's creativity, flight of fantasy and imagination are limitless. When I create my works of art, I play, imagining myself as a child, free my mind from all unnecessary, getting endless pleasure from the creative process. "