Asemic Writing Study

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Материалы: ручка гелевая, ручка перьевая, бумага белая
24 см x 19 см
Category: drawing
Item Number: 003921
26 500 / 309 €
About the Artist

Born and raised in Kazan, Russia (1994). He currently lives and works in Tokyo. Aleksandr studied veterinary medicine from 2011 to 2015. After graduation he moved to Saint-Petersburg and started his career in modeling. During the next five years he worked in European and Asian countries, where he got knowledge about local cultures, languages and national traditions.

In his artist’s practice, Aleksandr works with calligraphy and experimental poetry. He reveals linguistic features of different regions. Most of his drawings were made by both hands, reflecting the connection between cerebral hemispheres. The artist draws inspiration from the emotional part of human communication that is beyond the language. It includes the lack of social skills, the confusion, the mumbling etc. “My purpose is the documentation of the cognitive dissonance: his origin, the process and the result”.

The first Gordeev’s personal exhibition was held in the Moscow contemporary art gallery betweenwindows in 2020. At the same time artist’s works were presented in the Czong Institute for Contemporary Art in South Korea.