Dead Loop or Death

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Материалы: Акварель, линер, карандаш, нитка
30 см x 42 см
Category: drawing
Item Number: 001656
10 000 / 119 €
About the Artist

The street artist form Penza, working in illustratory-allegorical manner. Alexander Blot works on the streets from the year of 2008, putting his alter ego characters on desolate buildings basically. He works with the lost houses interiors masterfully, we can often find in his artworks emphasized wall textures, a part of wallpaper painting or even furnishing objects, left by the owners.

Blot`s stories are symbolic, based on the visual allegories known for the spectator. With that allegories the artist reveals his attitude to philosophical concepts, such as inner freedom and individuality, loneliness and life with other people and the search for his own lifeway.