Бытовой мусор в виде пластика был собран у горожан и переработан в данный арт объект.
Материалы: Ассамбляж с элементами листового акрила и переработанного пластика, аэрозольная краска, лак, клей
107 см x 68 см x 0.8 см
Category: installation
Item Number: 001674
140 000 / 1 672 €
About the Artist

The artist born in Alma-Ata, who lives and works in Moscow now. She began to draw in the streets in 2004 and graffiti became to her a special method to overcome the boredom and grayness of the post-Soviet provincial town.

Today Darion is more focused on creating multilayer compositions of colored plastic, combining abstractive and figurative elements. She has been deeply studying the processes of household plastic recycling recently, as she uses plastic in her compositions trying to implement the environmental manifest in the artwork.

Her street artworks were characterized as grotesque images, which forms are cut into geometric flats, but later they found their place in studio practice and were organically implemented in sheet plastic works.