Peace To The World!

Materials: tabletop, gesso, oil, acrylic, sgraffito, soviet holiday flags
80 sm x 110 sm
Category: installation
Item Number: 003732
172 352 / 2 800 €
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About the Artist

Vadim Mikhailov (b. Gornozavodsk, 1979) studied at the studio of M. Pavlyukevich and V. Selivanov (Perm), the Art Politics school of contemporary art (Perm) under the Moscow curator and art critic Arseny Sergeev. Since 2016 he has been collaborating with the St. Petersburg art group Sever-7.

The artist works with the found objects in the author's technique. The artist scratches images from his fantasy pantheon, the formation of which was influenced by the passion for the Old Believer popular print. The canvases for the images are the doors of old wardrobes, the worn out jackets of friends and toys abandoned by grown-up children. It is important for the author to preserve and preserve the memory of everyday things, to give them a second life.