From the series "Garden eaten by a snail"‎

Materials: organza, embroidery
300 sm x 128 sm
Category: textile
Item Number: 011232
50 000 / 812 €
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About the Work
About the Artist

"The garden is a symbol of the soul and consciousness, decent and tamed. A series of monumental embroideries reveals to us the beauty of a dying garden transforming into another world. Dying in the sense of passing from one state to another. Embroidery on transparent organza dissolves in space and looking at the world through them, we feel the tremor of the present moment, we feel the moment of rebirth frozen in eternity. The objects and plants embroidered on organza no longer belong to our world, although we recognize the ordinary things of our everyday life. Part of our world is reflected in the world of dreams." Polina Surovova

Moscow, 1993

Graduate of the Surikov Moscow State Academy of Arts, participant in the Moscow International Biennale of Young Art. She works with painting, mosaics and creates monumental installations with embroidery on fabric. She explores digital space and themes of death and transition. Her work seeks to capture the moment between the realistic, physical world and the intangible, spiritual one.