Surfer Guardsman

Materials: uv printing, double layer acrylic
120 см x 100 см
Category: objects
Item Number: 002892
160 000 / 1 957 €
About the Artist

Born in 1982 in Tbilisi, Gleb Solntsev is an artist, illustrator and traveler.

He studied at the Serov Art School in Moscow as well at the Institute of Contemporary Art and The Russian State University of Cinematography. He graduated from Moscow State Pedagogical University with a degree in fine arts and design.

The author shows us reality through the iconic images in the form of surreal compositions on the theme of consumption and the “turning point era” of the agony of postmodernism before the dawn of a new culture and new philosophy that replaces it. Reflecting in his works the problems of our time, Solntsev harmoniously incorporates both the culture of consumption and the image of "closed eyes" to the problem, the duality of perception of modernity.