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Материалы: Бромсеребряная печать
50 sm x 40 sm
Category: photography
Item Number: 009710
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About the Artist

Wendy Paton was born in 1951 in America, and her interest in photography first surfaced in 1981, when she was at the height of her successful career as an equestrian trainer and equestrian in New York. Paton began attending the International Center for Photography in New York, learning the intricacies of night photography from Michael Kenna, and hand-printing techniques from her mentor and like-minded Chuck Kelton. Wendy Paton specializes in hand-printed film photography, best known for her dramatic black and white work. In 2006, she began working on the Visages de Nuitseries, which has become the most iconic of her career. Paton has been photographing for this series for six years and has had great exhibitions in Europe and America. The photographs of the series - "Lips" (2012), "Unmasked" (2009), "Torso" (2009), "Embrace" (2012) and others - represent mysterious contrasting images with a graphic composition. The photographer prefers to shoot at night, when, as it seems to her, people feel free to be who they want, to try on different images or just be themselves. Her work is featured in public and private collections around the world.