Тираж 8
Материалы: Цифровая фотопечать c-print, пластификация
70 sm x 70 sm
Category: photography
Item Number: 009717
244 435 / 2 945 $
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About the Artist

Paul Brouns is a Dutch artist that lives and works in Almere (near Amsterdam). In 1990 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Tilburg (NL) in painting, drawing and photography. Since the development of digital photography his camera and the computer have become my main tools for author’s creation. Rhythm, color and geometry are recurring themes in Brouns photographic work and architecture has proven to be an ideal subject for this. As a photographer author is attracted by the abstract, rhythmic expression of buildings. Brouns says about his work: «It is my aim to captivate the viewers by feasts of dancing shadows, sunlit reflections or colour combinations. I hope that through my work they will learn to appreciate and enjoy the visual music that surrounds us. In 2020, Paul Brouns won the international «Colors» contest of All About Photo Magazine.