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53 sm x 80 sm
Category: photography
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About the Artist

Fyodor Telkov is a photographer, artist and researcher of the anthropological and cultural diversity of the Urals and Russia. He is a graphic design and applied photography teacher. Fyodor is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia (since 2010), winner of international and national awards and a curator at photography museum Metenkov House (2017-2019).

Since 2008 Fedor has been exploring the inner life of the Urals with the help of photography. One of the topics that he explores is documentation of the most post-industrial region of the country in the post-industrial era.

"Smog" is a project that the author does not work on purposefully, it includes pictures taken during everyday life, this is the reality that he encounters as a resident of a specific territory.

Fyodor Telkov's photographic works make the mythology of the Urals visible and address timeless images (project "Tales", 2014 to the present day). In the projects "Ural Mari. No Death" (together with Natalia Konradova and Alexander Sorin, 2010-2019) and "The Line of the North" (together with Sergei Losing, 2012-2014) the photographer turns into an ethnographer, anthropologist, cultural scientist and captures ethnic Mari, Khanty, Mansi, Nenets, Selkups in traditional clothing, but in a modern urban and rural context.

Today Fyodor Telkov is engaged in research of contemporary Old Believers (the "Right of Faith" project), trying to understand the relationship between the dissenting person and the state, the believing person and the communist system, globalization and attempts to preserve faith and tradition, the choice between the benefits of civilization and asceticism.