Presença 01 [Presence 01]

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Материалы: цифровая печать, бумага музейного качества
80 sm x 120 sm
Category: photography
Item Number: 001179
280 000 / 3 011 €
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About the Artist

Both in her works on paper and in photographs and actions recorded on video, Carla Chaim seeks to go beyond the traditional concept of work creation. She calls her own body an instrument of her work. For example, drawing in her work essentially looks like a trace of a body action, a trace of its presence, or even a remnant of a gesture. Working with it, she does not care about extreme research on its borders, but she is interested in the process of creating artworks, the poetics of this process.

Carla's works were exhibited in major galleries in Brazil, USA, Germany and Japan. She also participated in international contemporary art fairs, including Art Basel. Now her works are in private collections around the world.