Материалы: Фото на пленку, фотокамера hasselblad 6x6 cm пленка agfapan 100 , печать с помощью авторской эмульсии на бумаге Амальфи, тонирование сепией.
50 sm x 70 sm
Category: photography
Item Number: 002346
604 500 / 6 500 €
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About the Artist

Enzo Rosamilia is a famous Italian artist. He studied a course of painting at the Accademia delle Arti of Naples.

Since the end of 1970s he deals with artistic photography and since 1980s, he teaches at Artistic High Scool “Sabatini Menna” of Salerno. Over the past several decades using his own unique method he creates the works which are the synthesis of the photo and painting on handmade paper Amalfi. Nowadays the maestro is the only who owns the art technic of medieval masters. His works are bought by museums of modern art in Italy, France, Spain, the United States, Brazil, Korea, Belgium and also by private collectors. It should be noted that all works are unique not only in the technique but in art and ideological sense. Series of works of art are issued in 9 plots, each of which has its own concept.

“I love a film very much and I will never work with a digital camera. There is no soul in it. A digital camera photo cannot transfer emotions and feelings which possible to transfer with the help of a film”.