Материалы: маркеры, темпера
40 см x 50 см
Category: painting
Item Number: 001744
50 000 / 576 €
About the Artist

Curator and street artist from Saint-Petersburg, he is the author of a few articles about street art. Maxim Ima has a journalist education and that background, on his own opinion, had straight influence on his will of working with text and senses in is creative work. Maxim first starts practicing graffiti in 2003, and from 2005 creates paintings on the walls and trains a lot. He is an active participant of Omut&Atas graffiti crew till 2017, but leaves the crew thinking the team work keep down the individuality. That period was the crucial moment in his street practice: Maxim studies a lot philosophy and contemporary art, and his creative approach moves to the field of street art reflexion – he leaves critical remarks and graffiti and street art dialogues on the streets of the city. The inner impulse to make a statement becomes for Ima the main criteria for the artwork production. He mostly writes in Russian, Cyrillic for a wide range of spectators. Maxim Ima is a participant of different festivals and is in close cooperation with Street Art Museum in Saint-Petersburg.