Flip flops #1

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Materials: acrylic on canvas
90 sm x 180 sm
Category: painting
Item Number: 003512
440 000 / 5 176 €
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About the Artist

Ilya Yusupov is a young Russian artist from Ekaterinburg. In his works he concentrates on revelation and perception of complex internal and external phenomena of life. He bravely and expressively works with colourful relations and different scales, creating the unique vibrant rhythm and multidimensional volumetric compositions. The artworks catch attention through strong and harmonic colours, inducing finding out details, that are never random. Each line and spot supports the core of the composition, making the relations between the parts and the whole artwork evident. Only the holistic perception of each piece of his works may open the depth of the meanings, nesting in the names of the artworks.