Artificial Intelligence

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Materials: acrylic on canvas
60 sm x 70 sm
Category: painting
Item Number: 000323
210 000 / 2 100 €
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About the Artist

Pavel Polanski is a young and perspective Russian artist. He has already had a significant number of personal projects and collaborations.

For his artworks, Polanski chooses quiet and pale colors - predominantly, the shades of gray and sepia. The technique he is using can be named "grisaille". The artists of Middle Ages and of Renaissance were applying it to picture sculptures or bas-reliefs, while Polanski reaches associative connection of image and photography with this technique. His works are portraying the world which seems totally realistic, but if you look at it closely, you will notice that some details are not possible (for example, you can say it about people in summer clothes contrasting with arctic landscapes). Colorful fragments and details are breaking the illusion of reality and showing us how in fact the image is constructed.

The world of Pavel Polanski is a complicated puzzle made with various pieces and spiced with a bunch of nowadays society critics. His arctic landscapes are telling us a story about finding oil at Extreme North, which allowed consumerism to spread even in conditions of extreme frost.