From the series «Walls»

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Материалы: Смешанная техника
153 sm x 103 sm
Category: painting
Item Number: 002420
307 802 / 5 500 €
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About the Artist

«Живопись для меня — это такая же работа, как приходить на завод. Ты не ждешь вдохновения, наоборот, нужна отстраненность... Оттого, что у тебя есть дистанция, ты лучше ориентируешься во всем, да и свободы больше... Больше игры в этом — и меньше серьезности», — Юрий Купер, художник. Уникальный стиль Юрия Купера проявляется в интересе к материи, к поверхности полотна, к созданию пространства, которое может многое рассказать о себе. Как говорит сам художник, ему важен “эффект медитации”, картины Купера будто застыли в каком-то безвременье, погружая зрителя в созерцательное состояние.

Yur Kuperi is the artist and writer. He belongs to the younger generation of non-conformist artists. In 1963 he graduated from Moscow Pedagogical University with a degree in graphic design, at that time he also worked as a book illustrator. In 1972 he emigrated and lived in Great Britain, New York and France. He had exhibitions in the most popular galleries around the world. He awarded to have personal exhibitions at The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Toulon Museum and Sainsbury Center for the Visual Arts in Norwich. He famed for his "silver" canvases, made in the technique of multi-layer painting. One of the main creative themes is the “patina of time”, a unique texture that distinguishes ancient facades of houses or old photographs from old family archives. His still lifes are especially famous in which everyday objects placed in an abstract, pearl-gray environment turn into signs of the past, full of mysterious meaning and depth. Yuri often works in mixed media: uses a collage technique, acrylic paints on metal, glass. Нe also createceramics, design jewelryand furniture. Yuri Kuper’s works are represented in the collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), in the collections of the French Ministry of Culture and the Library of Congress. Nowadays he lives and works in Russia.