Materials: oil on canvas
60 sm x 90 sm
Category: painting
Item Number: 000632
195 500 / 2 300 €
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About the Work
About the Artist

Когда приходишь к Бахчисарайскому фонтану, почти слышишь название стихотворения Пушкина. Само стихотворение, конечно, не помнишь. Зато хорошо помнишь эпиграф Саади, который использовал Александр Сергеевич: «Многие, так же как и я, посещали сей фонтан; но иных уже нет, другие странствуют далече.» Рядом с самим фонтаном небольшая скамейка и окно формы пчелиных сот, похожее на фасетчатый глаз. Видишь, Саади, почти всех нет.

Nikolay Alekseev is Russia-based artist and curator, co-founder of Voronezh Center of Contemporary Art (VCAC). Born on July, 2, 1986 in Voronezh, Russian Federation. Graduated Voronezh art college, faculty of fine arts and pedagogics.

Alekseev has been exhibited since 2009 and took part in over 30 group exhibitions and 6 solo projects in different cities of Russia and Europe. Among exhibitional venues are Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, Multimedia Art Museum, State Center of Contemporary Art etc. His art has been successfully presented on several art markets: Universum (Russia), Art-Moscow (Russia), Cosmoscow (Russia), Artissima (Italy), Vienna Art Fair (Austria). Works of Nikolay Alekseev were purchased for collection of Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art and big private collections in Russia and Europe.

Artist collaborates with Gallery “H.L.A.M” (Voronezh). Alekseev works with aesthetics of found objects, forms, video, images and stories: he collects them and builds fictional, fairy-tale narrative.

Alekseev was a nominee of All-Russian contemporary art award “Innovation” for “Regional project” in 2010 and 2011 years. He was in short list of Kandinsky Prize as “Young artist. Project of the year” in 2012 and 2013 years. In 2014-2015 Alekseev was awarded a scholarship within the program of Contemporary Art Museum “Garage” (Moscow) to support young Russian artist . Lives and works in Voronezh (Russia).