Materials: acrylic, spray paints, pencil, marker on canvas
150 sm x 100 sm x 4 sm
Category: painting new and trustworthy artists
Item Number: 011184
100 000 / 1 176 €
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About the Artist

Ekaterinburg based artist Anna Snegina has been working with abstract visual arts (painting, drawing, photography, objects) for past several years.

Her practice is influenced by the industrial environment of the Urals region of Russia, where she was born and raised. The artist balances between attachment to harsh and restrained industrial aesthetics and the desire to create her own bright and safe reality. Anna Snegina’s works are expressive attempts at bringing the artist’s inner self as well as media she uses, into direct communication with the outer world.

Irony often becomes the artist’s way of dealing with feelings of anxiety and vulnerability caused by an unfriendly surrounding.

Anna works with various media, combining different types of materials: photo-collages, acrylics, spray paints, thread, stone, wood, concrete.

Snegina claims that the main themes of her artworks are anxiety of a city dweller, interaction and coexistence with the extraneous, presence of color in the urban environment, creation of her personal safe spaces and escapism sources.