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Materials: lambda print on fujifilm crystal paper archive satiné - 260 gr/m2
30 sm x 30 sm
Category: prints
Item Number: 004342
88 350 / 950 €
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About the Work
About the Artist

By reworking, among others, the work of Jérôme Bosch ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’, The World After series puts the world at the age of a belief in the marvelous into perspective with our modern world. After lockdown, a test for everyone both on a physical and psychological (or even philosophical) level, the series highlights the twofold contradictory desire to get together for joyful epicurean celebrations and the need to protect ourselves. Therefore, protective masks are in the guise of little pointy hats, worn somewhat intermittently, as the desire for celebration prevails over precautionary measures. This series is certainly a celebration of our capacity for resilience, but nonetheless a precaution against a danger that is still very much at large.

Sabine Pigalle (b.1963) is a visual artist, she lives and works in Paris. Most of her work concentrates on the reinterpretation of myths, reflection on the notion of time and collective memory. Religious history, mythology, Flemish painting and also mannerism, archetypes of history of art provide both the varied sources of her inspiration and the raw materials for artistic explorations. Sabine Pigalle produces hybrid photographs in different series, mainly dedicated to the art of portraiture, that combine the contemporary with references to ancient art. Her oeuvres are always borderline obscure reality and fiction. Related to the Post-photography movement, she produces transversal works that hybridize paintings and photographs, ancient and contemporary art, figuration and abstraction.

During Sabin's artistic career, a large number of solo projects took place in such institutions as: NK Gallery Antwerp; Beletage Art Space, Zurich Switzerland; hâteau de Carrouges Centre des Monuments Nationaux; Centre d! Art de la Matmut, Rouen Exposition Monographique; Palazzo Bragadin, Venise, Italy; RX Gallery, Paris; Nexus Hall Chanel Ginza, Tokyo Japan; WildProjectGallery, Luxembourg; Galerie Boyer Labarre, Genève; Hotel de Ville Woluwe Saint Pierre, Brusells; Gallery Brandt, Amsterdam etc.

And a large number of group exhibitions were also held: Maison Guerlain, Paris; Embassy of France, Tokyo; Galerie Odile Ouizeman, Paris; Galerie Agathe Gaillard, Paris; Schloss Pörnbach, Münich; Sammlung Friederichhoff, Vienna; Mopdenver, Denver, Colorado, USA; Gallery Cueto Project, New York; Comité Colbert, Hong Kong; Louise Alexander Gallery, Porto Cervo, Italy; Centre Culturel Aragon, Oyonnax, France etc.

Several books and albums have been released about the artist: « Toxi-Food » Éditions Intervalles (2008); « Festins Libertins » Éditions Intervalles (2009); «Protectors » Éditions Intervalles (2010); « Night Watch » Éditions La Pionnière (2017); « Sabine Pigalle » Editions Liénart (2020), as well as a film has been made Souper Fin –Série de 8 courts métrages muets (2009).