Ifallil I (The Chameleons Series)

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Материалы: плексиглас, сталь, ручная сборка
50 см x 20 см x 20 см
Category: sculpture prints
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About the Work
About the Artist

С 2010 года Евфросина создаёт кинетические скульптуры-неваляшки, которых называет Айфоллилами (от англ. «I fall in love»). Айфоллил – это персонаж, влюбленный в жизнь настолько, что, сколько бы он ни падал, он всё равно искренне верит в эту жизнь, любовь и балансирует на маленьком шаре, всегда возвращаясь в исходное положение.

По словам художницы, Айфоллилы задумывались как статуэтки-талисманы, которые при вращении создают целебные вибрации, очищающие пространство, успокаивающие и погружающие зрителя в медитативное состояние разума.

В 2020 году Евфросина представила публике новую серию неваляшек – «Хамелеоны», в которой Айфоллилы принимают дополнительное значение адаптации к моменту, но в то же время непоколебимой верности и постоянному возвращению к себе.

Evfrosina (1974) is a contemporary Russian-Spanish artist who currently lives and works in Barcelona and Moscow.

In her artistic practice, Evfrosina works with various mediums: kinetic sculptures, painting, graphics, photography, and video art. In each area, she created her own distinctive, easily recognizable visual style. The prevailing topic of the artist's work is movement as the basis of all processes in man and nature. The extensive experience of yoga practices and the search for the balance that an artist needs to perform asanas gives Evfrosina a special look at art. The artist focuses on the movement of the human body, which is a powerful tool in working with consciousness and energy. In her works, she try to express the state of flow, pure mind, and body, liberated to free movement. To achieve these artistic goals, Evfrosina uses various mediums, through each of them the theme of the movement is revealed from a new side. "Contemporary art balances on the edge of different fields that did not intersect before, but now intertwine, creating something new, unified and integral, and this game is interesting to me," the artist concludes.

Since 1996, Evfrosina has been actively participating in exhibitions of contemporary art. Her works are in private and Museum collections all over the world.

Since 1996, the artist has been active in exhibitions and participates in major contemporary art fairs, such as the Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong, Art Shanghai in China, Art Basel Miami and Art New York in the United States. In Moscow, Evfrosina's solo exhibitions were held at such well-known exhibition spaces as the RuArts gallery and The Lumiere Brothers Gallery, as well as one of the most influential museums in Russia - the Multimedia art Museum.