Eight (ex-four)

Материалы: печать на дибонде, окрашенная сталь
170 см x 122 см x 2 см
Category: sculpture
Item Number: 001198
589 203 / 7 000 €
About the Artist

In his work, the artist destroys all possible boundaries between artistic styles and shows a new approach to the perception of what surrounds us. The artist's works are inspired by the architecture of Sao Paulo, New York and Madrid: developing his unique language of sculptural abstraction and experimenting with a variety of materials, the author studies the image of the modern city, formed in the process of its construction and development as a habitat. Raul Diaz covers an aluminum sheet with paint and then imprints a photo on it depicting elements and repeating patterns from the cityscape, similar to an image generated by a computer. This seemingly traditional form of visual representation is linked to the digital aesthetics of post-Internet art.

His works have been exhibited in individual and collective exhibitions in Spain, USA, Germany, Brazil, Russia.