Apotrope Extraction

Materials: 3d render, digital printing, plasticization, 1/10+1ap
30 см x 40 см
Category: prints
Item Number: 002997
39 080 / 450 €
About the Artist

Jura Shust holds MA in Fine Arts at KASK (Ghent, BE), BA in Media Communication at EHU (Vilnius, LT) and the diploma of Higher Institute for Fine Arts, HISK (Ghent, BE). In his artistic practice, He raises issues of the connection of rituals and myths with technology, science and bio-politics. Created from hi-tech and everyday materials, Shust’s projects draw attention to the contradictions of modernity: passion for rational knowledge and fetishism, inclusion in contemporary communicative networks and archaic worldview.

He works mostly with installation, graphics, video.

Since 2012 he was exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art GFZK (Leipzig, DE), Contemporary Art Museum S.M.A.K. (Ghent,BE), Museum de Domijnen (Sittard, NL), Calvert 22 Foundation (London, UK), Blaffer Art Museum (Houston, Texas, US) and many other galleries. In 2016 he took part in the 5th Biennale for Young Art in Moscow. Beside of his artistic practice, Shust is a founder and an editor of the international dialogues platform for artists and curators – Saliva.live.

Today Shust’s works are held in private and public collections, including the collection of S.M.A.K. museum.