ХБ стандарт

Материалы: Керамика, ангобы, глазурь
26 sm x 18 sm x 18 sm
Category: sculpture
Item Number: 001843
30 000 / 353 €
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About the Work
About the Artist

Работа “ХБ стандарт” возникла из желания лишить утилитарный предмет его функции, что и было проделано с помощью одного из бытовых предметов, которые кажутся мне очень красивыми сами по себе.

Illustrator and graphic designer from Barnaul. Altay State technical University n.a. Polzounov graduate for the “Architectural environment design” specialization.

Used to live in Barnaul till 2017, then moved to Moscow to try herself in illustration after Russian reporter Summer school course graduation.

She began to work with ceramics and sculpture in 2018, using clay as a material and paying special attention to the ideas, but not the material characteristics, covering by paint and glazing the natural structure of faience.

Her works are the details and objects, picked out by the glance, mixed up, gathered together with random memories and thoughts fragments with or without any aim.

Svetlana took part in different fairs and art-markets, her works are presented in online-galleries and private collections.