Материалы: Сталь, плазменная резка, травление
72 см x 46 см
Category: sculpture
Item Number: 002069
120 000 / 1 426 €
About the Artist

Artist was born in Yekaterinburg, now lives and works in Saint-Petersburg.

4-times nominee of Sergey Kuryokhin Award for “Art in public space” category.

URAL industrial Biennale main project, Krasnoyarsk Biennale, ARTMOSSPHERE Biennale and Paris NEMO digital art Biennale participant.

Vladimir Abikh works on a boarder of different media and forms, such as intervention, installation, video and photography, involving the spectators into active interaction frequently.

In his artworks, Vladimir meditates about the place of a person in a digital space, investigates the influence of virtual on real in laconic and sometimes ironic forms.

He works in close cooperation with text, making experiments with new ways of city space breaking.