My garden

Materials: recycled plastic, 3d printer
12,5 см x 20 см
Category: sculpture
Item Number: 002908
107 432 / 1 300 €
About the Artist

In 2019 graduated from the Surikov Moscow State Academic Art Institute, workshop of Aidan Salakhova. In 2013 graduated from the Moscow State Academy of Arts in 1905. Honours. One of the hallmarks of an artist is the variety of experiences. During his studies, Andrei managed to work in various fields from interior painting to carpentry, props, decorations, from 3d milling to icon painting, and much more.

Such work experience gave a broad outlook, possession of techniques and materials. Having studied classical drawing techniques, in the third year of the institute he chose the workshop of Aidan Salakhova, which turned his attitude towards art upside down. She opened for him the world of “other” art, art, where Thought and Idea are primary.

The artist was fascinated by the 3D world. He assembled a homemade CNC router and a 3D printer, now I am actively continuing to master 3D editors. I use these skills in my work. In his art he uses the achievements of modern technologies, without losing thought and aesthetic beauty.

The main theme of creativity is a search for answers to the question "who am I?", An invitation to the viewer to think, look for answers, find their own images. After all, self awareness is not a primordial given inherent in man, but a product of development.