Selena IV

Materials: bronze, metal leaf
58 sm x 21 sm
Category: sculpture
Item Number: 000104
307 771 / 5 000 €
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About the Artist

Kirill Chizhov was born in Moscow in 1985. After learning the basics at the Moscow academic art lyceum of the Russian academy of arts (2003) he proceeded with this studies at the department of sculpture of the Moscow state academic art institute named after Vasily Surikov at the workshop of academic Alexander Rukavishnikov and Andrey Balashov (2009). Kirill is the first winner of "Golden Nut" award named after academic Yuri Orekhov and winner of the 4th State Tretyakov gallery All-Russia Contest of young artists. He took part in parallel 4th and 6th programs of the Moscow biennale of contemporary art, numerous groupe exhibitions including the one at the Institute of Russian realist art.