Материалы: burnt wood, synthetic fabric, plastic, mixed media.
87 см x 47 см x 25 см
Category: sculpture
Item Number: 001533
558 210 / 6 500 €
About the Artist

Maria Agureeva (b. 1985) works with installation, sculpture, objects, video, and performance. She has graduated from the St. Peterburg State University of Technology and Design (graphic design department) and the Contemporary Art Challenges Institute.

In her artistic practice Maria studies space of a body as an object, which unites body corporality and mind uniqueness. Her art is focused on studying the tension between normality and subjectivity, investigating the attractiveness criteria and the necessity of making a perfect image. Maria takes interest in the border that if overcame by a physical body, makes it undistinguishable from the others. She believes this is where the conflict between natural appearance differences and artificial beauty standards reveals. Bringing into contact naturality and the imposed need for conventional beauty, Maria chooses a synthetic material that emphasizes the opportunities of the essential body transformation and redesign as some contemporary cult.