Материалы: грубая шамотная глина, глазури, среднетемпературный обжиг
28 см x 17 см x 13 см
Category: sculpture
Item Number: 004304
11 000 / 127 €
About the Work
About the Artist

Вазон выполнен из крупного немецкого шамота. Боковые элементы могут использоваться как подсвечники, покрыты глазурью с эффектом состаренного золота. Интересно, как в этой работе переплетаются винтаж и грубость. Подпись автора отсутствует.

Anna Kashina (b. 1998) - was born and raised in the south of the Perm region, in the small town named Tchaikovsky. In 2016 she moved to Moscow, where she studied in the direction of Landscape Architecture of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia and received academic skills in working with plane, volume and composition.

Since 2020, she started working with ceramics, abstract painting and collage. Creates functional objects from clay: vases, bowls, lamps. Important aspects of the artist's work are experimentation with form and surface and retention space for fantasy and play.

In my artistic practice, I turn to painting, collage and ceramics. Most often I work with clay, I like the process of interaction with this material and its "memory". I sculpt only by hand, without a circle and plaster molds, leaving grooves from the fingers and giving asymmetry to the details. My works are functional interior objects: vases, bowls, lamps. These are objects that are close and loved by me, from the traditional look of which I start, layering new ideas and fantasies.

Through the process of creativity, I explore the vulnerability and dynamism of the material and spiritual, discovering this as a great value in our life.