Я люблю наклейки на автомобилях

Материалы: Органическое стекло, уф печать, аэрозоль, алюминиевый профиль, пластиковые хомуты
52 см x 78 см
Category: sculpture
Item Number: 010155
70 000 / 848 €
About the Artist

Russian contemporary artist.

In my practice I explore the inextricable link between material and virtual (digital) objects, that is expressed in the principle of 'digital dualism'.

I dig into the interaction of the street and digital environment. I take images and shapes from graphic editors: dotted selection, tools from program interfaces, alpha channels, and gradients. Then I give them a physical implementation with spray and acrylic paint on objects found on the street.

I suppose we should capture the modernity where digital is no longer groundbreaking, and the human environment has long been combining features of both material and digital space.

Andrey Parshikov

Curator, art critic

Misha Gudwin incredibly exactly occupied the unexpected niche of adapting post-Internet practices to the needs of street art and then transferred this combustible mixture into space of institutions. His art can be read on different levels, but mostly important that it is very spectacular and has a low barrier of entry, which is rarely nowadays.