Proposal for duplicated head, purple and grey default cube (ver. 2)

тираж: 1/3 +2AP
Материалы: цифровая печать, бумага музейного качества
140 sm x 105 sm
Category: prints
Item Number: 001161
320 000 / 3 441 €
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About the Artist

The work of Andrey Bogush is what many critics call "the New Formalism". They are collages of photos processed in Photoshop. Andrey modifies his works into something that partially resembles abstract painting, created from diagrams, vector shapes and patterns. The artist intuitively connects digital levels into one single image that negates any possible limitations in modern photography.

Works by Andrey Bogush have been exhibited at the Finnish Museum of photography in Helsinki (2016), the Tate Modern in London (2014), the Kunsthalle in Helsinki (2015), the Chelsea Art Museum in new York (2011), the Einar Jonsson Museum in Reykjavik (2014), as well as galleries in Milan, Zurich, 2014, bogus did a series of works commissioned by Prada.