Materials: metal ceramics, digital decal, firing
18 sm x 13.5 sm
Category: digital art objects
Item Number: 011233
40 000 / 650 €
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About the Work
About the Artist

A work from the "Punk's not dead" project, in which artist works with the theme of death using traditional ritual materials: granite slabs and metal portrait ovals. Pavla Markova approaches the traditionally heavy topic, surrounded by superstitions, rituals and traditions, rather gloomy, without emotion, with researcher curiosity. As a result, each work in her project is very cinematic, narrative and speaks not so much about death as about memory and its sometimes fantastic images.

Omsk, 1989

An artist from Omsk, a graduate of the Omsk Institute of Culture, a participant of the 2nd Triennale of Russian Contemporary Art. She creates objects, graphics, paintings, mostly she works on projects that can last, sometimes, years. The artist is interested in the borderline: transitional states, hoaxes, phenomena "on the verge". She compares her work to the storyboards of a non-existent film, where there is only a part of the narrative that will never form into a complete story. Such an understatement, as an artistic method, provokes the viewer to complete each plot independently, to become an accomplice of art.