Kintsugi II

Материалы: керамика, японский лак
41 см x 6 см
Category: design
Item Number: 002454
356 801 / 4 200 €
About the Work
About the Artist

Блюдо Карен Свами Kintsugi, вдохновленное японским искусством реставрации кинцуги. Концептуально взгляд кинцуги близок философии ваби-саби, и состоит в принятии изъянов и умении эстетизировать несовершенство.

Ceramist artist. She graduated from the Institut Supérieur du Commerce (ISC Paris Business School), and made a career in the film industry but was fond of ceramics from early childhood. Since 2014 she has been working as a professional ceramist. In Swami’s hands, the pot becomes a work of art—unique, strong, subtle. It surpasses know-how, bringing the shape and color to perfection: black granite, white biscuit porcelain, cobalt or navy blue. The artist draws her inspiration from the contemplation of the Etruscan vases, which lights and shadows she interprets in luxurious modern curves and lines. She currently lives and works in Paris.

Karen Swami's exhibitions are held in major cities of the world, and famous architects and designers use her work in both classic and modern interiors.