Paradise eggs

2 eggs
Materials: beech, nitroemali, acrylic, special varnishes
25 см x 25 см
Category: design
Item Number: 002846
36 800 / 437 €
About the Work
About the Artist

In 2011, Oksana Mas participated in the Venice Biennale with her large-scale and unprecedented project called Post vs. Proto Renaissance or the Altar of Nations.

This monumental work of art consisted of several thousand hand-painted unique eggs that were assembled into an image of the famous Ghent Altar, which was painted by the van Eyck brothers in 1432.

The fragments show a variety of objects: from dragons and flowers, to cartoon characters and pop culture symbols.

Oksana Mas is a contemporary artist who works with a variety of mediums employing painting and graphic art techniques, creating sculptures, installations and large-scale photo works. Her works are associated with relational art, neo- expressionism, painting revival of the 90!s, digital art and science art. Born in 1969 in Ukraine, Oksana graduated from the M.B. Grekov Odessa State Art School in 1992, in 2003 she earned a Bachelor of Philosophy from Odessa State University. The artist is currently working on a Ph.D. thesis focused on the way social media and the latest developments in digital technology allow users to co-create art.

Highlights of Oksana!s work include the #Post-vs-Proto-Renaissance” project (a prototype of the #Altar of Nations” installation) presented at the 54th Venice Biennale in 2011. At the following 55th Venice biennale the artist participated in the Collateral Events program of the with the "Quantum Prayer" project in the "Glasstress 2013" group exhibition. In 2012 Oksana won the Independent Critics Prize at the 65th Locarno International Film Festival.

Other selected solo exhibitions of Oksana Mas include #Epidermis!s phenomenon” in Karas Gallery, Kiev (2005), #Hired to Dream” in Aidan Gallery, Moscow (2007), #MAS” at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (2008), #Helium-3” in Aidan Gallery, Moscow (2010), #Retrospective” Casamor!s Foundation, the Museo Dali and in the Rambla de Figueras, Figueras, Spain (2010), #Die Gestalt” in Triumph Gallery, Moscow (2012).

Selected group exhibitions of the artist include the #Women and Art” Biennial at the Sharjah Contemporary Art Museum in 2014, the "Modus R. Russian Formalism Today” (Art Basel Miami non-commercial program, 2006).

Within special projects in which Oksana Mas participated are a charity auction "Illuminating the Future" (held by Christie's on February 10, 2014) in support the legendary Old Vic Theater for which actor Kevin Spacey selected Oksana's work "Mandala Dance," together with pieces by Tracey Emin, Banksy, Jake and Dinos Chapman and Michael Craig-Martin, exhibitions at FRIEZE (London), ARCOmadrid (Madrid), FIAC (Paris), The Armory Show (New York), Vienna Fair, Art Dubai and Art Karlsruhe.

Oksana!s art can be found in museum and private collections, such as Moscow Museum of Modern Art, BREUS Foundation, Joerg Bongartz Collection (Deutsche Bank), Соpelouzos Family Art Museum, Capital Group Art Foundation, Ekaterina Foundation, Victor Bondarenko collection, Victor Pinchuk Foundation.