Brass and walnut Staircase

Материалы: дерево (орех), полированная латунь
40 см x 10 см x 265 см
Category: interior items
Item Number: 002431
1 241 885 / 14 300 €
About the Work
About the Artist

Лестница Валентина Лёлльманна — своеобразный манифест эстетических взглядов дизайнера. Во всех проектах Лёлльманна сложно провести грань между объектом дизайна и произведением искусства. Лестница теряет свою функцию и превращается в скульптуру, требующую обзора со всех сторон. В зависимости от ракурса органика форм раскрывается во всей своей выразительности и красоте. Плавный силуэт и неожиданные сочетания материалов составляют единое целое, создавая яркий и выразительный образ.

Valentin Loellmann ( born in 1983) is one of the most outstanding artists working in the field of contemporary collectible design. Collaborations with galleries and private commissioners frame a considerable part of Valentin's work. His objects have been regularly displayed at art fairs such as Art Basel, FOG San Francisco, Collective New York, PAD Paris/Geneva/London and met a considerable acclaim. The spring/summer console was awarded PAD London's Best Contemporary Design Piece in 2013 & the Corner bench was named London's Best Contemporary Design Piece in 2017.

Valentin Loellmann was born and raised in southern Germany (1983). In 2010 after graduation from Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht, Valentin built up the atelier in an old factory building in the center of Maastricht (NL). Since 2014 the ddesigner owns the whole property, which now crystalizes his thoughts, inspirations and emotions, to an extent that it feels home. In 2015 Studio Valentin Loellmann was founded and next to the creation of furniture pieces and objects it is also focusing on indoor and outdoor spaces. Each piece created in the studio is unique and marked by the author's signature.