#InternationalWomen'sDay, Selection of Artworks by Evgeniya Linovich

#InternationalWomen'sDay, Selection of Artworks by Evgeniya Linovich

Designer, artist and creator of the Masterpeace brand, Evgeniya Linovich has prepared a selection of works on the special occasion of the International Women's Day!

This is how Evgeniya comments on her choice:

Jolie Alien, "Fashion Week". I liked this work because of its cheerful presentation of a fashion week, colors and humor.

Haim Sokol, "Rat". I like silkscreen prints for their accessibility. For example, such works can decorate a child's room and instill good taste in children at the same time.

Alexander Rodchenko, "Vladimir Mayakovsky". My main inspiration is literature! And this is the main sex symbol of literature, a big kid and a real genius.