TEO is a new online platform created by the team of International Contemporary Art Fair Cosmoscow in partnership with Anna Andronova.

The project is named after Theo van Gogh, the brother of the famous Dutch artist. He was an art dealer, thanks to whom many masterpieces were created. Van Gogh Jr. was the mediator between artists and buyers. The online platform is also establishing new connections between art and viewer, artist and collector. And it is created to help you discover art that is adjusted to your preferences.

For art market professionals, visiting exhibitions is also a part of the work process. It is a continuouspractice of observation that inevitably proves to be beneficial. But it is important to understand what kind of art is of high quality and is worth attention. The unique artworks displayed on the TEO platform are carefully selected by experts in contemporary art. Such way of working process is derived logically from the curatorial approach used in creating the Cosmoscow program, whereas the fair's vast experience contributes to understanding the current needsof today's art collectors.

TEO is an art fair which is held 365 days a year. It presents a wide range of services: from buying and selling contemporary artworks, collecting design works, for every budget and taste, to individual online consultations and familiarization with current events in the world of contemporary art.