Dmitry Sandzhiev

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About the artist

Dmitry Sandzhiev was born in 1949 in a family of artists in Novosibirsk. Graduated with honors from Moscow State Art Institute named by Surikov.

The artists combines masterly in his works mastery of color, great attention to detail, jewelry performance, love and fantasy in the embodiment of plots, to which he is addressing. The line and the stroke, the contrast of black and white create a luminiferous spirituality in his graphic works. Graphics in the art works of Sandzhiev harmoniously coexists with his paintings - bright, unpredictable, fantastic.

The fantastic realism of the master’s creativity is consonant with the cosmic aspiration of human consciousness, the premonitions of the appearance of parallel worlds in the vast of the Universe. Maybe that’s why the dynamic drawings and the artist’s exquisite color paintings possess powerful energy that draws the viewer into imaginary, re-created contrary to traditional ideas and knowledge world.

Behind the external lightness of reading and perceiving Sandzhiev’s works, one can guess the significant symbolism of the images he creates. Having paid attention to himself in his student years with creative self-sufficiency and the mystery of nature, the artist continues to amaze the viewer with the infinity of figurative improvisations.

The artist’s works are in the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, the Museum of the Oriental Peoples, in the world-famous collection of Ludwig (Germany), the Metropolitan Museum of Art (USA), in art galleries and private collections in Russia and many countries of the world.



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