Liora Kanterevich

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About the artist

Liora Kanterevich (born 1957, Israel) is a contemporary Israeli artist and sculptor. Liora's artistic development is mainly associated with the environment in which she grew up, as well as with her family. The main language in her parents' house was the language of action. Everything that I wanted, but there was no opportunity to purchase, was made by the hands of talented parents, from clothes to skis.

"Action stems from necessity, but in order for work to satisfy needs, the desire to create and love for work are required" - on such moral principles, according to the artist, she grew up from childhood, and it is by them that she is guided to this day in life and in art.

Liora Kanterevich began her art studies on the threshold of her thirtieth birthday. Before that, she was a successful athlete, studied physical education at the Institute. Wingate, Israel, however, after a serious injury decided to change direction. Having successfully mastered design courses at the Shenkar School of Fashion and Graphic Design, the aspiring artist took private drawing courses from such famous Israeli artists as Miri Nishri and Yaakov Mishori.

The first material used in her work was the usual packaging material - bright film and ribbons, which can be purchased at any store or found at home. The works were two-dimensional and quite conceptual. Feeling the need to enter three-dimensional forms, Liora Kanterevich took up sculpture, although the wrapping technique is still present in her works, but already as a finishing touch.

Today, Liora Kanterevich's works are exhibited in international galleries and are in private collections in Israel and around the world.



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