Ceramic shoes with Gazelles and Lions

Materials: hand molding, hand painting, white-burning clay, black engobe, transparent glaze
25 sm x 8 sm x 4 sm
Category: design new and trustworthy artists sculpture
Item Number: 011282
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About the Work
About the Artist

These are wall decor shoes. These little sculptures can be hanged up on a wall (there is a hook on the back of each shoe) or placed on a shelf to decorate the interior. These items are handmade and unique.

Each piece is illustrated with a drawing inspired by characters from Oriental folklore. Working primarily with sketches from my travel adventures or museum visits I recreate found imagery into decorative elements. (Natasha Savinova)

Natasha Savinova is a freelance illustrator and ceramic artist. She studied Illustration at British Higher School of Art and Design. The main interests are to tells stories through images and design bizarre characters with detailed environments. She uses different media: traditional techniques, digital illustration, moving image and ceramics.


  • iJungle Illustration Awards, shortlisted in category: editorial illustration, 2019;
  • Nina&Luna exhibition for Nina Ricci Perfume, Solyanka VPA Gallery, 2017;
  • D&AD, New Blood Award, 2016;
  • Boomfest comics international festival, ‘The best visuals’ winner, 2016.