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Materials: digital print
80 sm x 100 sm
Category: photography
Item Number: 004487
81 000 / 810 €
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About the Work
About the Artist

The term “post-city” is described by the Russian geographer and culturologist Dmitry Zamyatin as a global city that is “sewn through with communications, but lacks integrity”, where “a single space is split into fragments” and “communication is replaced by alienation of people”.

"POST-MOSCOW" explores the concept of "post-city" on the example of modern Moscow, the largest metropolis of the post-Soviet space with a population of over 12.5 million (2020).

In this project, I am looking for signs and traces of what a post-city can be, studying its landscape, architecture, infrastructure elements, as well as various voids and territories that, for some (economic, political or spatial) reason, were not used, or have ceased to be used: wild river floodplains, wastelands, ravines, frozen construction sites, so on.

Although the main goal of the project is to represent the landscape dictated by the market, I am also interested not only in observing various scenarios of the individuals’ interaction with the city space, and but also determining the social and cultural manifestations of life in the post-city.

Fyodor Konukhov (Фёдор Конюхов, b. 1987) is a photographic artist based in Moscow, Russia. He’s interested in studying contemporary landscape and its relationship to social, culture, economy, and politics.