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Materials: digital print
37 sm x 47 sm
Category: photography
Item Number: 004491
25 000 / 250 €
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About the Work
About the Artist

“These photographs were taken from the point that the locals call “Gora” (mountain).

For many of them, this hill on the bank of the river, where people have settled since ancient times, has a sacred value. By leaving and arriving, people come first to “Gora” to share their joys and troubles.

The first time I got to “Gora” when I was 6 years old. My parents decided to move to the countryside, for a long time they were looking for a place and somehow in the spring we went to “see the place”. After a long, seemingly endless road, we arrived at a small village surrounded by forests and swamps, a hundred kilometers away from Moscow. As soon as I jumped out of the car and looked around, in three hundred meters from us I saw the road which it felt like to be ending and I decided to run along and see the end.

The road ended on a cliff dotted with clay shards and turned into an overgrown path that stretched along the river, along the fields where cows grazed on their own and it went into a forest that hid what was beyond the horizon. At the place where the road became the trail, there was an electric transformer which has been softly rustling, as if it was guarding the exit from the territory of a known person.”

Lives and works in Moscow and Moscow region.

Graduated from Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography. During his last years of studying he became interested in photography, with a focus on pastoral landscapes, animals and skateboarding. Graduated from the Rodchenko Art School, with the expertise in Documentary photography. Member of the residence of the Dusseldorf Academy of Arts.

Participant of group and solo exhibitions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Paris, Dusseldorf, Amsterdam, Riga. Selected works are part of the collections of the Moscow Multimedia Art Museum, Dusseldorf Museum Kunst im tunnel and private collections. Engaged in publishing photo books and zines.