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60 sm x 60 sm
Category: prints photography
Item Number: 003109
80 000 / 800 €
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About the Artist

lues square — twelve time composition, usually in major. But the most delicate, beautiful and elegant melodies are written in minor. Blues is nostalgia, it's when a good person is feeling sad. May be just a little bit. Blues is when someone understands you and you feel that warmth inside. Blues is a fine line between the music of the Earth and things that I want to say, softly but clear. My blues square is a window and a mirror at the same time. A window to the world, to my world. World, at times filled with endless winter blue and at times — with warm pale-pink haze of off-season. Just like in real life.

Infinite change of rythm, time and key. But my works are also mirrors. While contemplating the world I study myself through it. Photographs shown in this exhibition are the reflection of my voyages and searches. But they are not the end in themselves, not the result. They are only a way to understand myself and surroundings. They are hyper-sensitive instrument that allows us to hear a barely recognizable sound. The sound of quiet blues re minor.

Andrey Belkov

The landscapes of Belkov are deserted, quiet and fine. They both have everything and nothing at the same time. Nothing excessive for sure. Photographs of Belkov are relieved from persistent composition because the best composition is the one you don't notice. I can't shake the feeling that in real life the author saw everything the way we see it in photographs, this feeling of a perfect authenticity. And of stunning silence. Those are the photographs from «Winter blues» series. A lot of blue, a lot of air, ice and water. Frontal view of the world and the horizon as a final destination. The real horizon is often lost in multitude of fake ones, but we already know that photography is often a fraud.

Constantine Smolyaninov Curator of Noev Kovcheg gallery