Take care of those around you

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140 sm x 80 sm
Category: painting
Item Number: 010926
84 000 / 840 €
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About the Artist

Anastasia's works are imbued with deep philosophy. The artist paints portraits –– images of human reality, a person's own self, covered with layers of public opinions, stereotypes, family ways and traditions, media and new forms of communication. All these layers create a portrait, a map of human nature. And each such portrait is unique in its own way. According to the artist, what we see around us, the emotion in the people around us that we experience is a reflection - a projection of our thinking. In this way, Anastasia sees each person as an object, a work of art, or vice versa, a creator, and the art in each of us is special, unique.

Anastasia graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Design. In her works there is a place of graphicity that came from the architectural past. The artist is engaged in monumental painting, decoration and performance.