Материалы: Бумага, аэрозоль
70 sm x 50 sm
Category: painting
Item Number: 009576
32 000 / 320 €
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About the Artist
Yakov Khomich is an artist and set designer. His works are presented in galleries in Russia, Latvia and the UAE.

Creator of the scenery for the Gogol Center productions – “Executioners” and “Petrovs in the Flu”. Among Yakov’s main exhibitions: “Lord of the Flies” (A3 Gallery, Moscow), “The Khomich Brothers: Garden of Eden” (ARTMUZA Gallery, St. Petersburg), “Waiting Rooms” (ART&BRUT Gallery, Moscow), Zug Zwang ( Mute gallery, Dubai), Past Present Future (ART&BRUT gallery, Moscow).

The artist is not afraid to work in different styles and techniques. His work is constantly changing along with his perception of the world. Having finished another series of paintings or ceramics, he never returns to it - this is where his creative freedom lies.