Materials: oil on canvas
150 sm x 240 sm
Category: painting
Item Number: 000548
1 500 000 / 15 000 €
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About the Artist

Vlad Yurashko (b. 1970, Poltava, Ukraine) is a graduate of the Kharkov State Academy of Design and Art (1996-2002). 2001 – scholarship on the Cultural City Network [CCN] (Graz, Austria). He started as a photographer, working in the tradition of Kharkov school of photography together with his wife Vika Shumskaya. Several years ago he turned to painting, where he developed his recognizable artistic language marked by a highly qualified technique. The subject matter of his paintings is often based on photographs (or images, which can be found almost everywhere nowadays). In 2013 Vlad Yurashko has taken part in the main project of the 5th Moscow Biennales of Contemporary Art "More Light” and several special projects of the biennale including "The Museum of Contemporary Art: The Department of Labor and Employment" at The State Tretyakov Gallery, (Moscow, Russia).