Agata in Black

Материалы: композит, авторское покрытие
27 см
Category: sculpture
Item Number: 001068
88 000 / 1 025 €
About the Artist

Russian sculptor and architect Gregory Orekhov was born in the USSR in 1976 and was lucky to be surrounded by artwork ever since his first birthday. His father, Yuri Orekhov, was a well-known Russian sculptor. Awarded with a title of the «National artist of the Russian Federation», member of the academy Yuri Orekhov, devoted his entire life to art. He was Gregory’s first teacher who gave him the basics of the profession. From his early age Gregory often helped his father with his work and in the process learned the academic style in sculpture. As a student of the Studio by Russian Academy of Arts (RAA), where Yuri Orekhov was also teaching, Gregory Orekhov discovered the full cycle of sculpture creation: from soft to solid materials, such as bronze, stone, and concrete, which enabled him to work in different techniques.