Materials: ceramics, glaze, tempered glass
48 sm x 61 sm x 44 sm
Category: sculpture
Item Number: 010981
600 000 / 6 000 €
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About the Artist

Daniil was born in Vladivostok in 1991. Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of The Far Eastern State Institute of Arts (2013, Vladivostok, Russia) and the School of Modern Art “Free Workshops of MMOMA” in Moscow (2018). In 2012 Daniil went to Japan with the aim of studying ceramic techniques from different masters. He lives and works in Moscow nowadays.

In his work, Daniil Antropov combines traditional ceramics with modern industrial textures. The artist uses construction nets, rods and bars, soft toys and foam rubber found in industrial areas of the metropolis or in the street.

Using recycled objects in the process of creation, he follows his concept of re-interpretation of familiar materials. Extracting alternative properties from each material, the artist explores unconventional methods of developing form and finds new ways of interacting with the medium. The multi-layered texture is achieved through multiple firings. By placing glass in plaster moulds, he only guides the process of creation instead of controlling it. The plaster is burned off during the firing process, while the glass together with the ceramic moulds into a new form, which changes from a soft substance to a hard one. Objects that were discarded are experiencing a re-birth.

Daniil Antropov works not as a sculptor creating form, but as a researcher exploring the ways of transformation of matter, its constant disintegration. Enchanting with their unusual texture and colour combination, the objects reveal the dialectical relationship between order and chaos. They are an open system, an affect, a hymn to beauty that lies beyond the aesthetic and the dichotomous.